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Wholesale & Drop Shipping Inquiries

Wholesale & Drop Shipping Inquiries

We appreciate your interest in our company and look forward to a great relationship with all our Wholesale and Drop Shipping accounts.

Please read this entire page for information regarding Wholesale & Drop Shipping Accounts.

Our prices are the lowest possible prices on the market because we are the main source for Candles and Candle Holders on the web. We ship millions of candles and holders and use this volume to keep our pricing very low. Our retail prices are already the best prices available on the internet but if you are a licensed business or non-profit organization you will get even better prices. 

Looking for more products to add to your retail or online store? 
Candle4less.com has one of the largest selections of Candles, Candle Holders, and Accessories on the web so look no further. We carry premium products and our prices are low enough for everyone to afford. We can also “drop-ship” products directly to your customers with no inventory to stock and no investment needed. 

Are you a business that uses candles and holders regularly?
Whether you’re a RestaurantChurchHotelFloristEvent or Wedding PlannerRetail StoreSpa or Salon, Candles 4 Less has what you’re looking for. With all the over head that goes into keeping our businesses and organizations running smoothly why pay more for the same quality products?

What does it mean to set up a Drop Shipping Account? 
If you would like to sell our products on your website, but don't want to purchase in bulk, stock inventory or ship the orders out yourself, then drop shipping is for you. As a drop shipper, you can add our products to your website and use any of our website photos or descriptions. You will be required to enter your own customer’s order/s and coinciding customer’s shipping address. Once you place your customer’s order, we will charge you for the wholesale price of the order, and ship it directly to your customer under your website or company name. YOU keep the profits. You will never have to keep inventory or ship any of our products yourself! 


Company Name - Whether you are a web based business or a brick and mortar, we must verify that your business does indeed exist. Please state your company name and/or website address accordingly in the Company Name area on your Wholesale/Drop Shipping Account Application. (A website address is required for all Drop Shipping Accounts)

 A Valid Email Address - We prefer a non-free email address. (No [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] or any other web based FREE accounts) Since we DO NOT SHARE any of your information with anyone at any time, this should not be a problem or concern. 

A Valid Phone Number - Please leave a proper phone number where we may contact you, if need be, regarding your order. If we are unable to contact you via email, (for whatever reason) we will try to call. If we cannot reach you or do not receive a response, we will cancel the order in question. Please ensure all information is correct.

 Tax Id Number or Business License - If you have a US based company you are issued a Federal Sales Tax ID number by your state. We need this to verify your business or non-profit organization. 

 Seller’s Permit – If you plan to resell our products or your business is based in the state of California, we require a faxed copy of your Seller’s Permit to be eligible as tax exempt.

A Minimum order of $200 – Both Wholesale & Drop Shipping accounts require a first time minimum purchase order of $200. Once your application is processed we will give you a 25% discount on this first order only. Afterwards you will receive wholesale pricing. Please include your order # with your application. Applications without an order number will not be processed.

After your first time minimum purchase order of $200 there is no minimum reorder requirement. Once your Wholesale/Drop Shipping Account is processed, you will have access to wholesale pricing and will be able to place orders online, update account or drop ship customer information and track packages.

Valid Credit Card We accept Visa, Master Card, Amex or Discover. You must have a valid credit card on file to pay for all drop-ship orders or to create a wholesale account. You will receive invoices for all charges that are made to your credit card.


Step 1:
You must first create an account with us.
Click here to Create an Account

Step 2:
To receive wholesale pricing we require a first time minimum purchase order of $200 at retail price. Once your application is processed you will receive a 25% discount on this first order. Please place your initial order online now and include your order # on the Wholesale/Drop Shipping Account Application. (Applications without an order number will not be processed.)

Step 3:
Click on the link below to download and fill out our Wholesale/Drop Shipping Account Application
Wholesale/Drop Shipping Account Application 

Step 4: 
After you create your accountplace a first time minimum purchase order and downloadprint and fill out our Wholesale/Drop Shipping Account Application, please FAX the required documents to (516) 977-4150. Please be sure to include in your cover letter; Attention: Wholesale/Drop Shipping Account Processor

Once your Wholesale or Drop Shipping Account has been activated, you will be able to browse and shop online at Candles 4 Less with wholesale pricing displayed (your wholesale pricing allows you a keystone markup on most items.) 

Welcome NEW Wholesale & Drop Shipping Account members!

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