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Party Chime Candles For less
Party/Chime Candles (Box of 20)
Party/Chime Candles (Box of 20)

Party/Chime Candles (Box of 20)

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  • Made of: Clean Burning Wax 
  • Size: 4" height x 1/2" diameter 
  • Color/s: White or Red 
  • Burn Time: 2 to 2.5 hours 
  • Scent: unscented 
  • Lead-free Cotton Wicks / Smokeless 
  • Quantity: 20 
Our Party/Chime Candles are short, slender candlesticks which contribute wonderfully to a festive party atmosphere. They are more commonly known to power candle chimes or Christmas Pyramids (also known as Weihnachtspyramide). Candle Chimes and Christmas Pyramids are similar to wind chimes, but are moved by candle flame heat instead of wind!

These candles are also perfect for antique holders and specially made holders with a 1/2" diameter opening. Use them for small candelabras and Hanukkah celebration. This is a hard candle to find but you can purchase them at Candles 4 Less! 

*Candle Chimes do not actually chime and are also Sold Seperately.
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