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Jumbo candles - Formal Dinner Candles
9" Jumbo Candle (Set of 6)
9' Jumbo Candle (Set of 6)

9" Jumbo Candle (Set of 6)

In Stock - Made in USA - Dripless - Hand Made - Solid Color - Ships within 24 hours

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  • Made of: Clean Burning Wax 
  • Size: 9" height x 1.5" diameter 
  • Color/s: White, Yellow, Pink, Hunter Green, Black, Patriot Blue (view color options to see available colors) 
  • Burn Time: 11 to 14 hours 
  • Scent: unscented
  • Lead-free Cotton Wicks / Smokeless 
  • Drip-less 
  • Quantity: 6
IMPORTANT NOTICE: These candles are considered "drip resistant" under ideal conditions, but as with any candle, they may drip if NOT placed in the ideal conditions. 
What normally causes a candle to drip: 
  1. Draft (even the slightest draft with cause a candles to drip) 
  2. Burning candles close together (if too close, the flame from one candle will melt away another candles side and cause it to drip)
  3. Candles leaning in an angle 
Our 9" Jumbo Candle is a similar version of our Club Candle without the taper peg on the bottom and fit perfectly into any of our tealight holders. The classic, bell-topped Old-World style is reminiscent of the stage coach days when candles were made by hand. 

These wide tapers are a simple yet elegant candle for any occasion. Decorate you home or use them for a candles lit dinner. Florists will create stunning centerpieces by surround this quality slender pillar with a unique arrangement of fresh flowers.
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