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White 24" Taper Candles Made in USA
24" White Taper Candles (1 Dozen)
24' White Taper Candles (1 Dozen)

24" White Taper Candles (1 Dozen)

In Stock - Made in USA - Dripless - Smokeless

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  • Made of: Clean Burning Wax 
  • Size: 24" height x 15/16" diameter (base) 
  • Color/s: White,
  • Burn Time: Approximately 4-5 hours. The firestop wick will self-extinguish about half way of the candle.
  • Lead-free Cotton / Smokeless 
  • Drip-less* 
  • Quantity: 1 Dozen 
IMPORTANT NOTICE: These candles are considered "drip resistant" under ideal conditions, but as with any candle, they may drip if NOT placed in the ideal conditions.

What normally causes a candle to drip: 
  1. Draft (even the slightest draft with cause a candles to drip) 
  2. Burning candles close together (if too close, the flame from one candle will melt away another candles side and cause it to drip) 
  3. Candles leaning in an angle 
Our towering 24" Taper Candles add sophistication to any party. They are perfect for Weddings, Churches or Special Events! Whether at home or your favorite Restaurant, create a romantic ambiance with a candles lit dinner. For visual intrigue and a design magazine look, try burning four or five tapers in a group of mismatched candlesticks. 

We make our unscented 24" tapers in white, ivory and red which is sure to coordinate with your dining room, living room, bedroom or hallways. Please review our color options to see what is available. These taper are also considered to be "fire stop" or self extinguishing around 6" from the base of the candle. Due to the nature of the dipping process involved in making taper candles, base size may vary.

Our tapers are over dipped and contain lead free cotton wicks for a clean and smokeless burn. Try using some Wax Candle Fitters to ensure a steady fit into any standard taper holder.
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